Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Katniss's Diary

 6 . 3 . 28
I just got out of the arena and now I have to go straight back in!
The Quarter Quell for this year is that the tributes for the hunger games are taken from the pool of victors that have previously won the games.  The deal has always been that if you won the games you are out of them for life, until now.
The Quarter Quell happens every 25 years and it is when something different happens.  My mother has told us about last time when double the amount of tributes was chosen- two female and two male from each district.  That was when my mentor Haymitch won.  That was the first time that a tribute from district twelve won- and the last for 24 years.
There are two males that can be chosen from district twelve- Haymitch or my fiance Peeta.
If Haymitch is chosen then Peeta will simply volunteer for him but then either him or I will get killed.
I HATE THE CAPITOL!!!!! No, no I shouldn't say that, if the Capitol get their hands on this diary I am dead for sure.
Oh,well I manged to win last time so this time I am going to save Peeta even if it means losing my own life.


  1. Hi Helen
    Congrats on being one of the first to publish your blog entry for the week.

    I like that you have tried to talk in your characters voice and kept the format of the diary into your post. I also like the strike through you used in I HATE THE CAPITOL. That's using text to convey feelings.

    Don't forget to organize your work into paragraphs to make it easier for the reader to read.

    Why do you think that the Capitol decided to change the rules of the Hunger Games after Katniss won?


    1. Hi Stephanie
      They didn't change the rules after Katniss won.

      The founder of the hunger games had prepared for centuries of hunger games and that was simply what was written on the piece of paper. But the Capitol was also trying to kill Katniss because she had started an uprising that can easily turn into a rebellion.



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