Wednesday, 27 June 2012

My Shoes are Haunted!

Chapter 3
 So I go out with a gourgeous girl called Jessica.
We were at the movies one day and I was still wearing the shoes because I still couldn't get them off and they made me stamp on her foot!
"What'd you do that for?" she asked me.
"I am so sorry!" I answered.  "It's these stupid shoes! I swear they are haunted!"
"Oh?!" She exclaimed. "Tell me the whole story."
So I told her it all right from the moment I bought the cursed shoes.
"Why don't you just polish the tips of the shoes and say those funny words?" She asked.
Untitled"I can't believe I didn't think of that!" I exclaimed.

So I set about polishing the shoes and reciting these words; 'take this curse and be gone messengers of evil!' Then you have to say it in Afrikaans because they are African shoes; 'hierdie vloek en weg is boodskappers van bose!'
You have to do it for how ever many days otherwise it doesn't work.

Look for the next chapter soon.


  1. Hi Helen
    I am enjoying how you are developing your story over a series of posts and have included a digital learning object.

    How could you have left some details for the reader guess that your shoes are from Africa rather than just telling them?


  2. Hello.

    Just like Stephanie I think its cool how each chapter is in a different post, as if it's a diary blog for her. I like the concept of it but sometimes it doesn't really mesh. Nice work.



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