Thursday, 14 June 2012


The Government are cutting funding for SPEC and so many children are devastated because of it.

Class sizes will be increased by at least four students and will make classrooms to noisy and each child won't get enough attention from the teacher.
Too Many Hammers
There are so many Intermediates in New Zealand that approximately 1122 teachers will lose their jobs, causing the unemployed population to grow, there for making more people hungry or homeless.

Children in the 21st century need to learn more than just reading, writing and maths in order to get a better job in the future.  SPEC gives us lifelong skills that help us to develop and grow.

So, now I am really glad that the Government has decided to keep funding SPEC because we all really enjoy it.

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  1. Hi Helen
    Great to see you writing on an issue that is important to you. I also like that you have included a picture to help with your post.

    One thing you need to work on a bit is perhaps linking to an article about the job cuts so that the reader can find out more information.



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