Thursday, 26 July 2012


This week we have to publish our writing samples but mine is quite long so this is the first part...

Part 1
I'm running, running, always running from something, not quite sure where I'm going or what I'm running from, but this time it is impossible not to know what I'm running from!  I'm running in the pitch black of a new moon, stumbling over rocks and roots, desperately trying to lose the mutant wolves that are right on my tail.
I often wonder how it came to this, running from everything that comes my way.

"Aaaaaaahhhhhh!" I cried.  The mutant wolves are upon me dragging me back to where I am running from.  The Orphanage.  The most dreaded place in all of Syltania.  I am the very first person to escape from that awful place, but now I'm just being dragged back.
"Get off me you ugly thing!" I yelled at the one chewing at my shoe.  I gave it a fierce kick and it shrank back whimpering.

Oh no! they have dragged me all the way back, what am I going to?  Madam Fallita will kill me for sure!...

"Ahh Nesta, nice to see you came back,"  She purred.
"I hate you, you fat, ugly monster!"  I screamed at her.  My rage poured out of me like water from a tap.
"That is no way to talk to the person who raised and cared for you as a child."  She said in a steady, unwavering voice filled to the brim with silent anger.
"You liar!  You killed my parents so that you could claim me as an orphan and steal my magic charms, but you haven't got them yet!"  I  cried.  "Don't think you can fool me like you fooled everyone else in this pathetic  place you call home."
"How dare you?" She gasped, "get upstairs immediately young lady!"
"I hate you!" I screamed again, but the tears were streaming down my face and I could hold on to it no longer, all the hurt, hatred and suffering came out of me in big shuddering sobs.  I knew I would've been caught eventually, but so soon?  It was too much to bear, I just couldn't hold on.

"Nesta!" cried Dream, "I thought I'd never see you again!"
Dream is my little sister.  She has glossy, raven black hair and deep brown eyes set in deep hollows in her face.
"Dream! You look awful! What has she done to you?"
"She's been starving us." Came a whisper from the dark, shadowy corner of the room.
"Kian is that you?" I asked the shadows.
"Yes it is me." Came the reply.  "Nesta, we have to get out of here! Rose has been taken to the Brothers!"
"Oh no! not poor little Rose! She was so sweet and innocent, she's too naive to know how to handle the brothers! They'll kill her for sure!"  I cried.
"That's why we have to help her!" Dream was speaking quietly now.  "Let's go!"...

Look for more later

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