Wednesday, 5 September 2012

'My Shoes are Haunted!' Special feature

This post is all about Charlie and Jessica from 'My Shoes are Haunted!' having a big fight and then making up again.

"Hey babe, you look nice today," said Charlie.
"Thanks honey you do to, but your hair is sticking up more than usual," answered Jessica.
"What!" Exclaimed Charlie, "Your so vain and shallow sometimes just thinking about looks!"
"Well so are you, you pig faced creep," Jessica muttered under her breath.
"What did you say?" yelled Charlie, "pig faced creep huh, well you're a stupid little miscreant! You know nothing!"
"Are you sure about that? yesterday you were saying how smart I was." Jessica dared to venture.
"Yesterday I wasn't mad at you!" Answered Charlie.
"Why are you mad at me anyway?" Asked Jessica.
"You have such a short attention span Yeah, what are we arguing about?" Said Charlie.
"I can't remember," answered Jessica "I'm sorry babe."
"I'm sorry too, hot stuff, do you want to go get takeaways and eat on the beach?" Asked Charlie.
"Sure, I'd love too handsome, let's go." Replied Jessica...........

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