Thursday, 18 October 2012


Part 2

We crept down the stairs and past the kitchen, Madam Fallita and the cook were having a very loud discussion about something, so we were able to get past without being discovered.

"Shhh" I hissed, "We don't want the mutant wolves to drag us back this time, you've go to be quiet."  I led them through the dining room and out past the out house through a hole in the fence and then we started sprinting and desperately trying not to fall in the dark. Dream stumbled and cried out so Kian shushed her and picked her up and carried her over his shoulders like a rag doll. 'he's so strong for someone who hasn't seen decent food for weeks', I thought admiringly to myself.

"Quick over here, this is a good place to stay until dawn," I whispered to them as I led them to a sheltered little cave, in the outcrop of a massive rock overlooking a dense forest that had an eerie quality about it in the half light of a crescent moon, "as soon as it starts getting light we have to leave and travel south to the Dead Swamps, where we will find the witches of Nora.  They can help us find a way to awaken my magic charms so that we can fight the Brothers and rescue Rose..."

Look for more soon.

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