Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Dripping, dirty dogs

The clear blue sky stretches on for miles above the deep green and blue sea.  A single puffy white cloud sails across the sky as my feet sink into the warm sand, it’s gritty, golden grains getting between my toes as the white sea foam swirls around my ankles.Seagulls soar above me like hungry eagles, shrieking on a hunt for the chips I can smell.  The warm, oily smell of chips and the salty smell of the sea are overwhelmingly delicious to my senses. A couple of dogs come bounding down the beach wearing a shining coat of glass, one black as night with a white head and belly, the other white with a ginger head.  They're as dirty as a pig.  They splash through the water in front of me, one of them pauses to shake its coat off on to me.  The shimmering droplets of water fly through the air sparkling like diamonds in the sun.  I cringe as the cold drops hit my bare skin and slither down my legs like snakes.The dogs continue to splash in front of me for a few more seconds before they chase each other off down the beach barking and yapping.  Splash, woof, splash.

Tuesday, 15 October 2013


Part 4
The creature looked a bit like a dwarf with a red beard but it kept flickering like it was a ghost or a hologram.
"I am Charlimine, the spirit of safety and courage.  My secret tunnels appear to anyone who is really in need of  a hiding spot, welcome to my humble abode, follow me." Said the creature.
"Do you really think we ought to follow it?" I whispered to Kian, "suppose it's trying to take us back!"
"I doubt it," he replied, "but what's the worst that could happen?!"
'Actually there's a lot worse that could happen, but over all we could easily end up six feet under, and at the moment it seems like we're well on the way!' I thought grumpily.


So we stood up and dusted ourselves off, but before we had a chance to move there was the thunder of footsteps above our heads and the dead silence as the wolves stopped and sniffed for our track.
"I think we lost them," whispered Kian.
"What are you lot waiting for?  Lets get a move on 'fore they find you again!" Said a rather irritated and impatient Charlimine.
So off we went, following that flickering spirit as we descended spiralling staircase after spiralling staircase, going deeper and deeper into the ground.
We finally arrived at what looked like a large under ground lounge with various doors leading off in all different directions.
"Where do all these doors lead to?" I asked no one in particular.
"Oh, they just lead to all my other tunnels," Charlimine grunted absently. "So where do you guys come from and where would you like to go?"...

Look for more soon! 

Friday, 20 September 2013

Should experiments happen in schools?

Has your child ever come home angry about a racist experiment?
Did your child learn empathy from it?
The other day I read an article about an Intermediate school that said blue-eyed students were more superior and more mature than brown-eyed students.  That school had just done an experiment and the roles were never reversed.

Experiments should happen in schools because it's good for kids to have that experience and opportunity to learn about racism, empathy and discrimination.  But the experiments should be fair and everyone should get a turn otherwise people might get angry and won't be happy with the results.

Children need to know what it feels like to have people be racist to them so that they can learn to be empathetic to others so that they're not racist.

Experiments should only happen in classrooms if the teachers and students have given their informed consent first.  The children's parents should also give their consent so that they know what is going to happen and how it's going to work, otherwise people could get upset and angry about what happened.

Experiments should happen in classrooms but only if they are fair, done right and properly thought through because no one wants their kids coming home angry because of some racist experiment that no one was told about before hand.

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Eleven before 11

Eleven things children should do and experience before they turn 11 and what they learn from it.

1.Spend a week camping outside.  They will learn about astronomy, how to build a bivouac, how to put up a tent and how to cook camp food.

2.Visit a foreign country like Russia and learn about the history and experience new cultures and languages.

3.Meet the Prime Minister or someone else important and learn about their jobs and how they contribute to the country.

4.Make and eat bread.  They will learn about fermentation and warm bread is nice on a cold day.

5.Plan and paint a large mural with others.  They will learn about the colour wheel and contrasting colours and how to make different colours with the primary colours, some maths and how to collaborate with others.

6.Write, make and film a short movie.  They will learn how to write a script, memorise lines, how to use a camera and how to edit film.

7.Visit a library and issue a book to learn about the dewy system, how to find books and what books you like.

8.Write a short story to learn about spelling, grammar, similes and interesting topics and mystery's.

9.Plan and teach a game to a small group of people to learn how to give clear instructions, how to talk to a group and how to be confident.

10.Keep a journal of the things they do.  They will learn writing, spelling, handwriting and recount writing.

11.Take part in a Google Challenge to learn how to effectively get answers from google without typing the whole question in and some history about the subject and question.

Monday, 1 July 2013

Hey Diddle Diddle?

Reporting a strange night in Wellington last night.  People have been reporting some very strange things going on, no one really knows what's been happening but animals have been involved in all of it.  Someone even said they thought there was a mad scientist running around giving human traits to animals!

People have mysteriously started saying "Hey! Diddle diddle!"  If you hear someone say that ask them why they said it.  HQ is desperate for answers here!
There were sightings of a cat playing a fiddle, it was a tortoise shell colour with white paws and the fiddle was of average size.  The cat was said to be playing a very nice concerto by Mozart.

The moon was as large as an elephant last night and there was a cow...A COW!? That randomly started jumping rather high, It was said to jump over the moon! Highly unlikely but who knows? Lots went on last night.

There were reports of a normal brown dog laughing to see such fun. A laughing dog?  What?  Apparently it was laughing so hard that it woke up the cutlery and bowls.

So from that dog laughing we got reports of a dish and spoon on the run-eloping so to say but the spoon was engaged to the knife in the drawer so the knife got very angry at the spoon but is now worried about her, but she fell in love with the dish long before she was engaged to the knife, so they thought this unusual night was the best time to run away.  But you all knew that dishes and cutlery could talk didn't you?  It was just a matter of time really.

So if you hear someone say hey diddle diddle, the cat and the fiddle, the cow jumped over the moon, the little dog laughed to see such fun and the dish ran away with the spoon, you know where it came from.  This very unusual night in Wellington has formed a very well known nursery rhyme but very few know where it came from and you are now one of them.

Friday, 28 June 2013

Tawa's Terrifying Tempest

It was a fairly normal night in Tawa as far as I could tell, wet and windy.  I had just been to the Tawa College open night when 'Bang'! there was a huge crash of thunder and flash of light.

It was so bright I was temporarily blinded and then I realised something was wrong.  The lightning was green!  I sprinted after Mum through the pouring rain- it was so heavy it felt like it was raining cats and dogs!  I jumped in the car and Mum started the engine as the car rocked like a toy boat in the ocean.  "This is the worst storm we've had for ages!" Mum said very profoundly.  There was another flash of lightning and then all the street lights flickered.

When we got home I remembered that Dad was away so we had no one to protect us against the wild weather.  I turned on the TV and started watching Doctor Who.  It was one of the more scary episodes about weeping angles- weeping angles are stone statues of angles that look like they are weeping, but the moment you blink, turn away or flick the lights they move and stare into your face.  Then they either kill you or send you back in time.

I was getting ready for bed when there was a particularly large gust of wind and all the lights went out.  Suddenly I thought of the weeping angles and how they can move when no one can see them.
"Helen, are you okay?" asked mum.
"Yeah," I replied.
I got into bed with my book and torch and then all our lights turned back on so there was nothing to worry about any more.

It rained all night and all the next day, but then it finally stopped and the sun even made a brief visit to Tawa again.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013


Once there lived a beautiful Princess called Karma.  She committed a horrible sin by murdering her father, the King, so her namesake, Karma, cursed her to always be small until she was helped by a girl and a boy.


"Dace! I can't find my shoes!"  Yelled Maia Stoane, a young girl with bright red hair and sparkling green eyes.
"Well I can't find my skateboard!" Yelled Dace Stoane, a handsome young man with dirty blond hair and piercing blue eyes.  "What's happening to all our stuff?"
"I don't know!" Maia mused, "But we can't just sit here and watch all our stuff disappear one small piece at a time!"
"Maia, you're a genius!" Said Dace.
"I am?" Asked Maia.
"Yes! That's just it! We'll sit and watch our stuff overnight to see what's been happening to it!"  Said Dace.
So that night they lay in bed, pretending to sleep, with their eyes like little slits.


Meanwhile the tiny princess, Karma, was preparing for her nightly raid of the Staone’s house.

Karma creeped along the window sill, making a tiny pitter patter of her feet, like the gentle rain on the roof.
She silently jumped from the sill, landing like a cat on the dresser, then sliding down the rope she had attached to the drawer knobs.


“Dace, did you hear that?” Whispered Maia,
“Yeah, I heard it, what do you think it was?” He replied,
“I don’t know, let’s find out, on three, one.....two.....THREE!” Yelled Maia.
They flicked the light on, bathing the room in a warm golden glow, illuminating a tiny person on the floor holding Dace’s key.

“Aaaahhhhhh,” shrieked Karma, she started to run back to the dresser, but Maia had jumped out bed and grabbed Karma.
“Let me go!” Karma yelled.
“I’m not going to hurt you, please stop stealing our stuff,” said Maia,
“Only if you can help me return it, then I shall be big again and I can live a normal life.” Karma insisted.
“Okay, what do we do?” asked Dace,
“Jump into my bag, it’s bigger on the inside!” Karma replied.

So they jumped into Karma’s bag and tumbled through a vortex into a large room full of their stuff.
“Grab your stuff and let’s go!” Said Karma, “jump back into the vortex.

They jumped back into it and as they came out, Karma grew to normal size.

They all lived happily ever after.

Friday, 7 June 2013

Out of breath!

It was a beautiful sunny day and my heart was pounding as we lined up to start.  Then the hooter went and we were off jogging round the corner and out the front gates. Yes, it was that time of the year again…..Cross Country.    We had trained so hard for it and the teachers had pushed us to our limits.

‘Just keep running, just keep running,’ I silently repeated the mantra to myself over and over, again and again.
Round the corner and up the hill, my legs were cramping and my side was getting tight with an unwanted stitch.

‘Just keep running, just keep running!’

As I came to the corner that Stephanie was standing by, she held up her i-phone and said "Smile Helen!"  I said "No!" and put my hand up to cover my face, but it was too late.  She had a picture of me.

I ran and ran and as I finally came through the tunnel and down the slope I started to sprint the last bit.  I passed three people and I sprinted through the cones and went to get my number.  55th! Two places better than last year! But I was less out of breath than last year too!

Friday, 24 May 2013

How to make a traffic light sandwich

You need:
beetroot or tomato
round cookie cutter

Step 1: Get two pieces of bread and use the cookie cutter to make three holes going down the bread in one piece.
Step 2: Use the uncut piece to put the fillings on, lettuce at the top, cheese in the middle and beetroot or tomato on the bottom.
Step 3: Put the cut piece of bread on top of the piece with fillings in it and you have a traffic light sandwich!
Step 4: Enjoy!

Monday, 6 May 2013


Part 3
I woke up at the crack of dawn, hoping to get some fresh game for breakfast, but Kian was already up with a roaring fire going and some meat roasting on a spit.
I yawned and stretched and then said, "Geeze, you get up early!"
"I know, I've always been an early riser," he replied.
"Well I guess I better go wake Dream then."
"Yes, good idea."
"Wait, what's that smell?"  I said.
"Hmmm," he said sniffing the air, "it smells like..."
"Oh no, the mutant wolves!"  I cried as a howl rose up from the distance.
 "They must have tracked us while we were asleep!  Go and wake Dream, NOW!"  Kian yelled at me.
"Dream? Dream, get up, now! The mutant wolves tracked us while we were sleeping, and are hot on our tail! We need to go, now!"
We gathered up our stuff and Kian threw a flaming stick into the cave in the hopes that the smoke would disguise our scent.

We ran and ran for what seemed like centuries but was probably only a few minutes, searching in vain for somewhere to hide.
Dream tripped and screamed as she fell down a hole in front of us and before Kian and I could stop we had tumbled into the hole as well.  There was a loud 'BANG' and the chink of light above us dissolved into darkness.
We all lay there gasping for breath.
Suddenly there was the sound of footsteps echoing through what appeared to be a long damp tunnel, and then there was a spark fizzling into life right before our eyes, and there stood the strangest creature we had ever laid eyes on...

Look for more soon

Tuesday, 9 April 2013


Once upon a time Azalea's stomach made the ground shake.
Every day she would lick a delicious dessert to tame her stomach.
But one day splat she dropped it!
because of that her stomach shook the ground so much,
because of that boom! the ground cracked,
because of that many people fell through the ground,
until finally Azalea licked her dessert once more.
ever since then her town has been happy.
The moral of the story is be careful when you're eating ice cream.

Monday, 18 March 2013

This World

The mountain range
the valleys and plains,
the scathing rock
a stinky old sock.

The sky scraping towers
the sweet wild flowers,
the fresh green grass
the mountain pass.

Man does time fly,
soon we're going to die,
but as long as life lasts
don't let it pass.

Keep on trying
our world is dying,
so use your time wisely
but make sure your smiling.

Don't make a mistake
otherwise the world will have a great big heartache.

Monday, 11 March 2013

Ruapehu Trip Similies

At Mount Ruapehu I felt as high as the sky, the mountains were as beautiful as a rose. I never wanted to leave.  I was like a giant, being so high in the sky.
The snow we saw was as white as the clouds so fluffy and textured yet so freezing cold.
I climbed Meads Wall and sat on a throne, so hard- as hard as rock.
As I looked over the edge I  felt I could fly like a bird if I jumped over, but if I had, in time I would be as flat as a pancake and as dead as a shoelace.

Thursday, 28 February 2013


Once long, long ago, there was a girl and a boy.  They were called Claire and Kian.
Claire and Kian were the best of friends and they loved to spend time together in the woods outside their houses.

One day they decided to go on a tramp all by themselves for a week. So they packed a bunch of provisions into their bags and set off into the big, wide world...

"Come on!" Called Claire, "we're finally free and you are travelling as slow as a snail!"
"Calm down! I'm coming," Kian called back.
They walked on and on and on for miles and miles until they could walk no further.

Soon Claire was huffing and puffing behind Kian constantly asking if they could have a rest and a drink.  Finally Kian gave in and they sat down to rest.

Soon they got back to walking and came across a little glade.  As they walked through the glade Kian thought to himself; 'Gosh, Claire looks so beautiful in this light, I just want to...' and as they reached the middle, Kian suddenly knelt down on one knee and said "Claire, I've loved you all my life- will you marry me?"
"Of course! I love you too!"

So they went home and got married.  But as they say, that's another story...  Light in the forest

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Visual Mihi

My Visual Mihi represents my family and I.  In the top left is my mountain (Ruapehu) with my river (Willowbank River) wrapped around it, and there is a clover to show that I do Girl Guides.
The four flags across the top are the countries I'm from; England, Zambia, Scotland and New Zealand.
The cross on the right shows I'm Catholic and the boat is the boat that my dad came on from England to New Zealand.  The tree in the bottom right is there because I like nature and it has my hobbies in the branches.
I think Mihi's are art, family studies and english because it's drawing and collage, it's about you and your family and pictures are worth a thousand words- they can tell stories.