Monday, 18 March 2013

This World

The mountain range
the valleys and plains,
the scathing rock
a stinky old sock.

The sky scraping towers
the sweet wild flowers,
the fresh green grass
the mountain pass.

Man does time fly,
soon we're going to die,
but as long as life lasts
don't let it pass.

Keep on trying
our world is dying,
so use your time wisely
but make sure your smiling.

Don't make a mistake
otherwise the world will have a great big heartache.

Monday, 11 March 2013

Ruapehu Trip Similies

At Mount Ruapehu I felt as high as the sky, the mountains were as beautiful as a rose. I never wanted to leave.  I was like a giant, being so high in the sky.
The snow we saw was as white as the clouds so fluffy and textured yet so freezing cold.
I climbed Meads Wall and sat on a throne, so hard- as hard as rock.
As I looked over the edge I  felt I could fly like a bird if I jumped over, but if I had, in time I would be as flat as a pancake and as dead as a shoelace.