Tuesday, 18 June 2013


Once there lived a beautiful Princess called Karma.  She committed a horrible sin by murdering her father, the King, so her namesake, Karma, cursed her to always be small until she was helped by a girl and a boy.


"Dace! I can't find my shoes!"  Yelled Maia Stoane, a young girl with bright red hair and sparkling green eyes.
"Well I can't find my skateboard!" Yelled Dace Stoane, a handsome young man with dirty blond hair and piercing blue eyes.  "What's happening to all our stuff?"
"I don't know!" Maia mused, "But we can't just sit here and watch all our stuff disappear one small piece at a time!"
"Maia, you're a genius!" Said Dace.
"I am?" Asked Maia.
"Yes! That's just it! We'll sit and watch our stuff overnight to see what's been happening to it!"  Said Dace.
So that night they lay in bed, pretending to sleep, with their eyes like little slits.


Meanwhile the tiny princess, Karma, was preparing for her nightly raid of the Staone’s house.

Karma creeped along the window sill, making a tiny pitter patter of her feet, like the gentle rain on the roof.
She silently jumped from the sill, landing like a cat on the dresser, then sliding down the rope she had attached to the drawer knobs.


“Dace, did you hear that?” Whispered Maia,
“Yeah, I heard it, what do you think it was?” He replied,
“I don’t know, let’s find out, on three, one.....two.....THREE!” Yelled Maia.
They flicked the light on, bathing the room in a warm golden glow, illuminating a tiny person on the floor holding Dace’s key.

“Aaaahhhhhh,” shrieked Karma, she started to run back to the dresser, but Maia had jumped out bed and grabbed Karma.
“Let me go!” Karma yelled.
“I’m not going to hurt you, please stop stealing our stuff,” said Maia,
“Only if you can help me return it, then I shall be big again and I can live a normal life.” Karma insisted.
“Okay, what do we do?” asked Dace,
“Jump into my bag, it’s bigger on the inside!” Karma replied.

So they jumped into Karma’s bag and tumbled through a vortex into a large room full of their stuff.
“Grab your stuff and let’s go!” Said Karma, “jump back into the vortex.

They jumped back into it and as they came out, Karma grew to normal size.

They all lived happily ever after.


  1. Hi Helen! :)

    I loved that story it was really interesting. You did use really good vocabulary and I thought it made your story sound even better! :D

    melville intermediate

  2. Hi Helen i liked your story i liked all your vocabulary next time you could add similes and metaphors.

  3. Hi Helen
    You used great vocabulary. Your story was brilliant.
    Sophie from room 13 :D :p

  4. Hi Helen
    I thought your story was wonderful. You used great vocabulary.
    I would love to read more of your writing
    Emily from room 13

  5. 'Allo' Hellen! Great story! A bit small, but overall pretty good I must say. It reminds me of Tom Thumb!

    Mitchell L Room 13


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