Friday, 28 June 2013

Tawa's Terrifying Tempest

It was a fairly normal night in Tawa as far as I could tell, wet and windy.  I had just been to the Tawa College open night when 'Bang'! there was a huge crash of thunder and flash of light.

It was so bright I was temporarily blinded and then I realised something was wrong.  The lightning was green!  I sprinted after Mum through the pouring rain- it was so heavy it felt like it was raining cats and dogs!  I jumped in the car and Mum started the engine as the car rocked like a toy boat in the ocean.  "This is the worst storm we've had for ages!" Mum said very profoundly.  There was another flash of lightning and then all the street lights flickered.

When we got home I remembered that Dad was away so we had no one to protect us against the wild weather.  I turned on the TV and started watching Doctor Who.  It was one of the more scary episodes about weeping angles- weeping angles are stone statues of angles that look like they are weeping, but the moment you blink, turn away or flick the lights they move and stare into your face.  Then they either kill you or send you back in time.

I was getting ready for bed when there was a particularly large gust of wind and all the lights went out.  Suddenly I thought of the weeping angles and how they can move when no one can see them.
"Helen, are you okay?" asked mum.
"Yeah," I replied.
I got into bed with my book and torch and then all our lights turned back on so there was nothing to worry about any more.

It rained all night and all the next day, but then it finally stopped and the sun even made a brief visit to Tawa again.

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