Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Eleven before 11

Eleven things children should do and experience before they turn 11 and what they learn from it.

1.Spend a week camping outside.  They will learn about astronomy, how to build a bivouac, how to put up a tent and how to cook camp food.

2.Visit a foreign country like Russia and learn about the history and experience new cultures and languages.

3.Meet the Prime Minister or someone else important and learn about their jobs and how they contribute to the country.

4.Make and eat bread.  They will learn about fermentation and warm bread is nice on a cold day.

5.Plan and paint a large mural with others.  They will learn about the colour wheel and contrasting colours and how to make different colours with the primary colours, some maths and how to collaborate with others.

6.Write, make and film a short movie.  They will learn how to write a script, memorise lines, how to use a camera and how to edit film.

7.Visit a library and issue a book to learn about the dewy system, how to find books and what books you like.

8.Write a short story to learn about spelling, grammar, similes and interesting topics and mystery's.

9.Plan and teach a game to a small group of people to learn how to give clear instructions, how to talk to a group and how to be confident.

10.Keep a journal of the things they do.  They will learn writing, spelling, handwriting and recount writing.

11.Take part in a Google Challenge to learn how to effectively get answers from google without typing the whole question in and some history about the subject and question.

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