Friday, 20 September 2013

Should experiments happen in schools?

Has your child ever come home angry about a racist experiment?
Did your child learn empathy from it?
The other day I read an article about an Intermediate school that said blue-eyed students were more superior and more mature than brown-eyed students.  That school had just done an experiment and the roles were never reversed.

Experiments should happen in schools because it's good for kids to have that experience and opportunity to learn about racism, empathy and discrimination.  But the experiments should be fair and everyone should get a turn otherwise people might get angry and won't be happy with the results.

Children need to know what it feels like to have people be racist to them so that they can learn to be empathetic to others so that they're not racist.

Experiments should only happen in classrooms if the teachers and students have given their informed consent first.  The children's parents should also give their consent so that they know what is going to happen and how it's going to work, otherwise people could get upset and angry about what happened.

Experiments should happen in classrooms but only if they are fair, done right and properly thought through because no one wants their kids coming home angry because of some racist experiment that no one was told about before hand.

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