Tuesday, 15 October 2013


Part 4
The creature looked a bit like a dwarf with a red beard but it kept flickering like it was a ghost or a hologram.
"I am Charlimine, the spirit of safety and courage.  My secret tunnels appear to anyone who is really in need of  a hiding spot, welcome to my humble abode, follow me." Said the creature.
"Do you really think we ought to follow it?" I whispered to Kian, "suppose it's trying to take us back!"
"I doubt it," he replied, "but what's the worst that could happen?!"
'Actually there's a lot worse that could happen, but over all we could easily end up six feet under, and at the moment it seems like we're well on the way!' I thought grumpily.


So we stood up and dusted ourselves off, but before we had a chance to move there was the thunder of footsteps above our heads and the dead silence as the wolves stopped and sniffed for our track.
"I think we lost them," whispered Kian.
"What are you lot waiting for?  Lets get a move on 'fore they find you again!" Said a rather irritated and impatient Charlimine.
So off we went, following that flickering spirit as we descended spiralling staircase after spiralling staircase, going deeper and deeper into the ground.
We finally arrived at what looked like a large under ground lounge with various doors leading off in all different directions.
"Where do all these doors lead to?" I asked no one in particular.
"Oh, they just lead to all my other tunnels," Charlimine grunted absently. "So where do you guys come from and where would you like to go?"...

Look for more soon! 

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