Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Dripping, dirty dogs

The clear blue sky stretches on for miles above the deep green and blue sea.  A single puffy white cloud sails across the sky as my feet sink into the warm sand, it’s gritty, golden grains getting between my toes as the white sea foam swirls around my ankles.Seagulls soar above me like hungry eagles, shrieking on a hunt for the chips I can smell.  The warm, oily smell of chips and the salty smell of the sea are overwhelmingly delicious to my senses. A couple of dogs come bounding down the beach wearing a shining coat of glass, one black as night with a white head and belly, the other white with a ginger head.  They're as dirty as a pig.  They splash through the water in front of me, one of them pauses to shake its coat off on to me.  The shimmering droplets of water fly through the air sparkling like diamonds in the sun.  I cringe as the cold drops hit my bare skin and slither down my legs like snakes.The dogs continue to splash in front of me for a few more seconds before they chase each other off down the beach barking and yapping.  Splash, woof, splash.

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  1. Hi Helen
    your writing is very cool love it

    from Tawa school , Kate year 3


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